Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Creative Writing

We had to writing a creative story with the picture mrs thomas have gave as.
I think that my writing I am really happy that it is nearly done!!!!!!!!!
Here it is so far...

The map was clear this is where he would find it. He just hadn’t expected that he’d have to get wet. Reluctantly,  he swam out to the giant concrete circle. He looked down but couldn’t see the bottom. He sighed , took a deep breath, and dove in…
He was shocked by how deep the dull water was, but where does it lead to? Each minute he wanted to explore more but didn’t want to die. Slowly he swam deeper and deeper, soon he spotted some air bubbles in the water so he thought someone filled it up.

He was getting closer to the bottom and saw something he was nearly out of breath but he was still swimming. He finally reached the bottom, there was a very dark secret passageway.  He was so wet. He frantically walked down the passageway.

At the end of the passageway there were some shiny antinet gold and diamonds down there. He got closer to the gold and diamonds and saw a note and a silver pen, this is what the note said:
You are the lucky one who found the diamonds and gold this was here since 1912 please write your name and go before the secret passageway locks
Name: ____________________________________
And suddenly he heard something!!! There was a sign on in the rock saying you are locked in.
The word I have highlighted...
By Holly

Thursday, August 11, 2016

Olympic Maths Week 2

In Nikua class we have been doing olympic maths week this is a pic of the results:

Tuesday, August 9, 2016

Olympic Math Week

This week at Birchwood School we did Olympic maths week this is when we have to estimate and then do the actual. A estimate is when you guess what you are going to get and then you have to try and get close to the estimate here is the scores : Maths results
The things that we are doing so far are 1. tennis ball balance you got to try and hold as much tennis balls as you can 2. next is Lap running the teacher made up how much is a lap
3. Is basket ball shooting yuo have to see how much baskets you can get is
Here are some photos

Wednesday, July 6, 2016

Water clock

Look at Maia's and Kayla's blogs....

My Water Clock
In my group I had kayla, ME ( Holly ), Mia and Ava.
As you can see we made a water clock this is :
Two bottles
Hot glue ( from a hot glue gun )
A Vivid to write how long it took and our name

As you can see a water clock is something that is together with water in side of it the time was 13:10.

- we all worked together as a group ( ako- that means working as as a team )
- build the water clock
- Letting everyone share there ideas not just have on person do the work

Monday, July 4, 2016

Mystery story

Footsteps slowly created on every step of the stairs, the bedroom handle gently…… Boom, Clap, Bang I couldn't look. I could feel Something touching me, what was it ? “No don't eat me monsters stop” I was talking in my sleep. But why me i was thinking to myself. All of these thing rushing through my mind… And there it was again Boom, Clap, Bang. Suddenly the light turned on. Was this just in my head or was someone in my room, I could hear someone saying “wake up”. I woke up and there it was, My Mum.

By Holly

Thursday, June 30, 2016

Creative Writing

Creative Writing

Me and Isla, were walking down the road taking our pigs for a walk. Suddenly Isla stopped!!! There was a car coming and she was in the middle of the road. But she was looking down at something. The car immediately slammed on the brakes!!! I looked down there it was a bag full of money. “What are you going to do with that money?” I asked? She said “ I am going to buy us the hundred dollar seats.” “Wait you mean the hundred dollar seats to the pig show?” I said…   “YES” said Isla….
But what are you going to buy with the rest?


Make sure to go and have a look at Kayla and Maia's Stories the links:Kayla Maia

Monday, June 27, 2016

My Fish Poster

 Here is my fish poster!!!!!

Thing's I think I did well....

  • On adding photos/pictures on the topic and adding a caption 
  • The facts on the little fish 
  • Titles/Subtitles
  • Keywords  

Things I think I need to improve on...

  • Planing out the poster
  • Understanding the words
  • Adding more photos or one for each topic